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Boston: Dinner at Chez Princess

November 18, 2008

While in Boston this weekend, I enjoyed a fabulous gourmet dinner at Christine’s house prepared by Kerry, aka The Head Chef. CJ recently moved to a big fancy house in the suburbs with plenty of room to loll around drinking wine and eating cheese while K. was hard at work, which is exactly what we did.


Kerry working hard.


CJ and I enjoying apertifs.

Kerry made a delicious meal that included salmon baked in puff pastry with a stuffing of spinach, mushrooms, and shallots, topped with homemade hollandaise sauce; cheesy orzo; and green beans sauteed with hazelnuts.



For dessert, I prepared a rustic apple tart with the leftover puff pastry, which we ate with vanilla ice cream while CJ trounced us at Scrabble (although I did convince them to allow “trailbag” as a word . . . a minor victory!)

I will save the salmon recipe for Kerry to feature on her blog, but here’s how I made my foolproof apple tart (which I plan to reimagine for book club tomorrow night as a rustic apple crostata for our Italian theme). It is very forgiving so feel free to use more or less apples or spices depending on your taste:

Rustic Apple Tart


1 piece puff pastry, thawed

3 Macintosh or Fuji apples, peeled and sliced

3 tbs butter, melted

2-3 tbs white or brown sugar

2-3 tbs cinnamon


1. Roll the puff pastry out into a thinnish rectangle. Brush some of the melted butter over the pastry.

2. Arrange 1/2 of the apple slices in a single layer in the center part of the dough, then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Place the rest of the apple slices over the first layer, drizzle with some of the butter, and sprinkle more cinnamon and sugar.

3. Fold in the sides of the pastry towards the middle to make either a rectangle or, if you want to be truly “Rustic,” a circular shape. There should be an open faced area in the center where you can see the fruit. Sprinkle all over with rest of butter, then cinnamon and sugar.

4. Bake at 375 degrees until pastry is golden and apples are bubbling, about 25-30 minutes.



Boston: Redbones and Parish Cafe

November 18, 2008

This weekend I jetted off to Beantown to see the gang, hit some of my old hangouts, and satisfy my eternal craving for the buffalo shrimp and corn fritters at Redbones BBQ in Davis Square, truly one of the happiest places on earth.


Corn Fritters, Buffalo Shrimp, and Catfish Fingers at Redbones. mmmmm.

I enjoyed Redbones on Friday night with Kerry and Sean, and every bite was worth the half hour wait for a table. We started with the above treats, then moved on to BBQ hash (Kerry), pulled pork (me), and a huge mound of ribs (Sean), washed down with mason jars of iced tea and PBRs.


If I am ever elected to lead this great nation, Redbones will be served from coast to coast. Kerry agrees!!

On Sunday,  met up with Christine, Kerry, Sean, Ana, Brett, and Suzz at the Parish Cafe for brunch. When I lived in Boston I worked right down Boylston from the Parish, and have many memories of long lunches involving zuni rolls and swiss mint martinis. Actually, the memories are blurry, perhaps due to the martinis! It was great to see everyone and catch up with old and great friends.


Although there are many things I don’t miss about life in Boston, the friends I have there are some of the best around and it’s always a treat to get together and enjoy great company and great eats. Now I just need to get them all out to Seattle!