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December 11, 2008

Spent the weekend in lovely, freezing Spokane enjoying some much-needed time with Nova, Ward, and of course my darling goddaughter Lucy.

I have been a neglectful godmother and hadn’t seen the little gal since we were all in Montana in July. Since then she’s grown a ton, and is walking and talking a little, which makes things exciting and exhausting! A girl after my own heart, Lucy enjoys reading, playing with her dogs, macaroni and cheese, and dropping it like it’s hot to the tunes of Puffy and Biggie. We spent a lot of quality time walking around, watching “The Girls Next Door,” shopping, drinking tea, and sitting around the fire chatting.


Miss Lucy.

One of the highlights of my trips to Spo-town is always a field trip to Cabela’s, the temple to camouflage, various types of jerky, and dead animals located off I-90 in Post Falls, Idaho. If you have never been to a Cabela’s, I highly suggest a visit.

From the mountain of taxidermied big game to the wall-sized aquarium of sting rays to the shoting gallery to the fudge shop, it’s truly a wonder, even if – or perhaps especially because! – 75% of the men in the place have what Ward charmingly calls “Promise Keeper’s hair”: the ubiquitous goatee, which provides facial warmth while not getting in the way of your shootin’ arm.


Lucy had a great time checking out the big game, Nova and Ward ogled the camping gear, and I had a fab time checking out camo waders, fishing poles, and all variety of cast iron cookware.


Christmastime at the Safari exhibit.


Lucy and Nova check out the wild bears.


Taxidermy Mountain.